How to create a Facebook Sales Funnel that converts?

Are you running ads on Facebook but not getting as expected results?

Is it being hard for you to sell your product or service through Facebook?

Are people not showing any interest to purchase your product or service?

I know how you might be feeling because of not getting any results through Facebook Ads and trust me I have also been in that situation a lot.

Just like you, I was also running ads on Facebook for a long time but it was a real tough job to make people purchase my product. No matter, what ad copy I design, how well I target my audience, or how much I spend on ads, I was not getting the results I wanted.

After researching for a long time, I bumped into a term called “Facebook Sales Funnel” & I figured out why people are not buying my product instantly after seeing my sales ad.

It was because I was not using the Facebook sales funnel technique to convert my audience to paying clients.

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Facebook is now the largest social media platform with 2.85 billion monthly active users. Facebook has a huge potential of converting those active users into your paying clients. We just need to understand the behavior of the users and plan out a funnel to convert them to customers.

Okay, first let’s talk about “What Facebook Sales Funnel is?”

Facebook Sales Funnel

Facebook Sales Funnel is a process of creating and executing a step-by-step strategy until the user makes a buying decision to purchase your product or service. We have to understand that users don’t visit Facebook to instantly buy anything.

Facebook is the largest content consumption machine and user visits Facebook to consume the content. No one wakes up in the morning, brushes his/her teeth, opens Facebook, sees an ad, and makes a purchase.

Literally, no one does that right?

They don’t have a buying mindset while using Facebook but they definitely have a buying mindset while using Google.

Let me explain.

Suppose, you are a voice-over artist and you need a new desktop microphone. To buy a new microphone, you will go to google and search for the best desktop microphone. You will see a lot of results, visit a few websites and go through the variety of microphones. If you like one, then you will add it to the cart and make a purchase.

But, Why?

Because you already have a buying mindset. You need a desktop microphone and you are searching for it on google because you know that if you find a good one then you will definitely buy it.

People go to Google to purchase something or to find an answer to something. They know that google will help them to find the answer.

But what about Facebook?

People just go to Facebook to consume content, to talk to their friends and family, and see what they are up to. They don’t have a buying mindset in the first place while scrolling Facebook.

This is what we need to understand and create a step-by-step funnel to make them take a buying decision.

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There are 5 stages of a sales funnel and your goal should be getting your potential customer inside the funnel to the bottom of the funnel where they will make a purchase.

5 Stages of a Sales Funnel


As I have said before, people don’t visit Facebook to buy any product or service instantly after seeing an ad. First, they should be aware of your brand. Create content about your brand and market them by showing what your brand does, what kind of burning problem do you solve and what can people expect from your product or service.

Don’t be a too pushy salesperson and always try to sell. Rather aware people of your brand and let them trust you first.


After seeing and hearing from your brand multiple times, they are now aware of your brand and your offer. Now it’s time to nurture them. It means you have to provide content in form of videos, e-books, tutorials, etc that helps them solve their queries or a burning problem.

You don’t have to give away your product for FREE but you can provide them some sort of content that will help them solve some of their queries.

Suppose, you are a Nutritionist and you provide one on one coaching program and help people who are suffering from obesity. Your main product is one on one coaching program. But, you cannot start selling your program right from the beginning.

Once they are aware of your brand, now you can give them FREE videos or e-book about 7 days fitness diet plan which will help them reduce some weight. They will be more than happy to receive FREE content which will help them to some extent.

This will help build trust towards you and your brand. People will feel that you are an expert on this and you can definitely help them solve their burning problem.

You have to nurture them by providing as much FREE content as possible which will help you build trust which is the most important factor in this funnel.


People have now started trusting you (P.S. Please don’t break it :P) because of your FREE high-quality content. They know you are an expert in this field and you can definitely solve their problem. In this consideration stage, provide more FREE content if possible or start showing some case studies, testimonials, or FREE trails of your product or service.

Let them know that you are actually an expert and people who have taken your product or service have satisfied results/outcomes. Show that your customers are fully satisfied and happy to use your product or service. Not only testimonials, but you can also provide some case studies or free trials as well. This will help you build more trust.


This is the moment you have been waiting for and trust me after completing each step of the funnel this stage will surely reward you. Now your audience trusts you and till this stage, they might have already made a buying decision. You can now do your sales pitch but remember you have to create a sense of urgency.

People take most things for granted but your offer should not be. Hook them with some kind of offer, limited seat/stock, discount for first 10 customers, etc.

This will create a sense of urgency and help your potential customer to take immediate action.


WOW!!! Your customer is at the bottom of the funnel where they have already made a purchase. This will give you immense satisfaction and confidence in creating better sales funnel for your next product.

Now, you have to provide more attention to your customers. They should not feel neglected after the sales.

You can provide personalized onboarding emails or notifications with valuable onboarding content. Give them the best after-sales customer service.

This will help you and your brand to make them loyal customers and it will be easier for you to sell another product or service to the existing customer.

Remember, getting a new customer is more expensive than acquiring an existing customer. Maintain a good relationship with them.

Step-by-Step Framework for creating a Facebook Sales Funnel

I hope, now you have a better understanding of the sales funnel stages. Now, let me show you how you can use the sales funnel strategies while running a Facebook Ad and implement them in your business.

As you can see in the above image, Facebook has already categorized the marketing objective into three parts.

Awareness, Consideration & Conversion.

Just like the sales funnel that I have talked about, we can run an optimized ad to bring our potential customers into the funnel and make them pass through the bottom of the funnel by making a purchase.

I will explain these steps with a proven method that I have used to sell my Facebook Ads Mastery Course so that it will be easier for you to relate and understand.

Step 1: Create High-Quality Content

The first thing that we need to do is create some high-quality content. That may be in form of videos, ebooks, blog posts, newsletters, webinars, etc. Try giving quality content for free because in order to gain the trust of your audience we need to first give for free.

Focus on providing great value to your audience. Because once they are sure that you are an expert then it will be easier for you to make a sale.

To sell my Facebook Ads Mastery Course, this was the first step that I focused on, and spent many days preparing high-quality content for my audience that I can give for FREE.

I prepared a 1-hour tutorial video on the topic “5 Key strategies for running successful Facebook Ads“. I chose this topic because I knew that advertisers were facing difficulties while creating a successful ad. I wanted to solve this problem with my course but first I wanted to make them aware of my brand so I gave them this FREE video content which helps them to understand how Facebook works and what can be done to get better results on Facebook. 

Step 2: Promote Content with Core Targeting

After creating high-quality content, it’s time to promote those content to your audience. Do some research about your audience like their age, gender, location, interest, etc. You have to first promote your ad to the cold audience who have never seen or heard about your brand before using core targeting.

You can choose any marketing objective that is on Facebook to promote your product. You can run traffic ads and send your audience to your landing page or can run video views ads, engagement ads, and so on.

Remember you have to promote all the free high-quality content to reach more people who might be interested in your business in the future. Later, you will create a custom and lookalike audience to do remarketing.

What I did was, created a landing page where I placed the 1-hour video tutorial with my course syllabus, instructor information, reviews, and price.

P.S. My goal was to send the audience to my landing page so that they can consume the 1-hour video content. But, side by side they will also see the details of my Facebook Ads Mastery Course.

Now, it’s time to send traffic to my landing page. I created ad copies (post and caption to promote) in form of videos and images, where I said that if you are not getting good results on Facebook then you should definitely check out this video where you will learn everything about creating a successful Facebook Ads. Click on Learn More button to check out the video and send them to my Landing Page.

I had already installed Facebook pixel on my landing page to create a website custom audience on my next step.

Step 3: Using Custom Audience

You will get a huge reach and engagement on your ads if your audience is getting great value from you. Our goal is to provide as much high-quality content as possible which will get huge exposure to even more audiences. Facebook will capture the audiences who have consumed our content and will help us to create custom audiences who might be our customers in the future.

After running different ads for providing high-quality content, now we have to create custom audiences who have already seen our ad, visited our landing page, viewed our video, or have taken a certain action with our brand.

custom audience interface

You can create a custom audience for your website visitors, video views, customer list, etc.

My goal was to make my audience consume my content and visit my Landing page. I ran different kinds of ads like traffic, video views, post engagement, etc, and got really good visitors. Later, I made a Website custom audience and used that for remarketing.

I did not do a sales pitch on my first ad. Rather I focused on providing valuable content to my audience which will help them to solve a problem to some extent. I provided a lot of valuable content and built a really good trust with them. 

Till this stage, my audience was getting free content from me. I was even getting messages and feedbacks from them about the free content. They said it helped them a lot and they wanted to know and learn more from my course. That means they are now at the bottom of the funnel where they have a buying mindset.

I designed a few ad copies with a sales pitch message with a discount offer and showed my sales ad to the website’s custom audiences only who already know about my brand and have made a buying decision. 


I would not have made such huge sales in a short period of time if I had started selling right from the beginning. I researched my audience, made a customer avatar and made a sales funnel to get them down to the bottom of the funnel. 

That’s how the magic happens with a proper sales funnel.

Step 4: Creating Lookalike Audience

There’s a huge potential of selling your product or service to your custom audience because they know you and have already been connected with your brand. And, there’s also a chance of getting more sales from a Lookalike Audience. Facebook helps us to create a lookalike audience who looks like our current customers, website visitor, or Facebook fans.

lookalike audience interface

Facebook will look at the interest, behavior, and demographic of the custom audience that you have created and find the audience that matches your current custom audience.

Suppose, you have a size of 10,000 audiences on your website custom audience. You can use that custom audience to create a Lookalike audience and Facebook will provide more than 10 lakh audience who has a similar interest to those 10,000 audiences.

Once you create a Lookalike Audience, you can now show your free high-quality content to them. Don’t sell to your lookalike audience, provide valuable content and build trust. Your content consumption will be even better than before when you were using core targeting because now you are targeting the audience who are actually interested in your product or service.

I created a lookalike audience of the website custom audience and got a huge audience who looks similar to my website visitors. I started providing free high-quality content to my lookalike audience and got even more visitors to my landing page.

My custom audience started growing immensely from the content which was shown to the lookalike audience. P.S. Once you create a custom audience, it will automatically start growing if your landing page keeps getting visitors.

Then, once again I did the sales pitch to my custom audience and sold even more.

Step 5: Repeat the Facebook Sales Funnel again

You need to repeat the same process again for a new set of audiences. Because the new set of audience doesn’t know about you or your brand. You are completely new to them and without any trust, they are not going to make any purchase.

You can plan for the same strategy for another product or service that you have. Remember, you have to provide value first and build trust with your audience. Only, after that they are going to be a loyal customer.

You can use the above strategy for selling any service or product. But, you have to plan the sales funnel according to your business.

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I thought of making this article short and sweet. But, once I started writing, there was so much information to give that I end up writing such a long one.

I hope, you got valuable information from this article. If you like this article, then do comment down to support me. It would encourage me to write more and more for you guys.

Also, if you have any queries, you can comment below. I will reply to each and every query of yours.

Have a good one!

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