Not asking costs more than rejection

Have you ever faced rejection in your life?

Rejection from friends, family, a crush, or in a business deal.

I have experienced rejection many times in my life.

Rejection hurts. It causes pain and makes us feel like we’re not worth anything because all we seem to get in life is rejection.

But do you know what hurts more than rejection?

Living in fear of being rejected and never asking.

You might have asked for something, but when you don’t get it, you stop asking.

It’s human nature. We fear the possibility of being rejected again.

However, the cost of not asking is much higher than the cost of rejection.

One day, I took a microbus from Pashupatinath Temple in Gausala to Ratnapark. I thought I had enough money, but unfortunately, I only had Rs 15, which was just enough for a one-way fare to Ratnapark.

Now, I had to take another microbus from Ratnapark to Sanepa, but I had no money left.

So, I started walking because I had no other option. I asked for a lift from four motorbike riders who were going the same way, but none of them gave me a lift.

Maybe I would have gotten a lift if I had asked more people.

But I stopped asking because I was afraid of being rejected again, and not asking ended up costing me a lot.

I had to walk for two hours in the hot summer sun to reach home.

Similarly in life, many opportunities are waiting for us. They don’t come easily; you know how they say, good things are hard to find.

To achieve good things in life, you often have to face rejection multiple times.

There’s a 10% chance of success in every 100%. This means you’ll fail 90 times, but you’ll definitely succeed 10 times.

But often, after so many rejections, we don’t feel like putting in the effort to ask again.

If I had asked six more motorbike riders instead of just four, out of ten riders, surely one would have given me a lift. I stopped asking because I didn’t want to face rejection again, so I ended up paying the price by walking for two hours.

Many people fail not because they were rejected, but because they didn’t ask enough.

If you don’t ask enough, you won’t receive what you truly deserve, what is waiting for you.

Good things also require you to try harder to achieve them because if they’re not difficult to get, we don’t value them as much.

Asking more means facing more rejection. The more rejection you face, the closer you are to achieving your goal.

Ask more. Get rejected more. Achieve more.

If you also have experienced multiple rejections in your life, feel free to share your story or an incident in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

33 thoughts on “Not asking costs more than rejection”

  1. I actually get afraid of asking.i used to ask just for little things so that i will not be rejected.
    After reading this article i have realize that i should ask for better things now😊
    Thank u Saugat Sir for the article.

  2. Jenisha Byanju

    Thank you for sharing these incidents….most probably I’ve faced rejection in my friendship matter not once not twice neither thrice but several times….due to these things im still traumatized how they treats me….and the way they responds seriously matters me a lot….the person whom I prioritized doesn’t even count me as a friend then what’s the reason of making friends…..I eventually called her about her behavior and how that’s impacting my mental health but she just denies every single word of me….so these rejections are more frustration than anything else for me

    1. Asking more from the same person doesn’t work in a relationship where you are not valued. It’s better to move on rather than asking more from the same person. Instead you can ask more to god for a better friend who listen, understand and value you as a person. I hope you’ll find a friend whom you can truly share the joy of friendship. Best wishes, Jenisha.

  3. Luckily, till now i havenot faced such rejection in life. But now i m gonna experience something new which I haven’t done before and all because of ur positive guidance, I ain’t afraid to face any kind of challenges.

      1. In many societies, beautiful women often face less rejection compared to men. If they are rejected, they can typically find other options immediately, can’t they?

  4. yeah you are right fear of rejection may cause losing a lot of opportunities in our life but what if the rejection was very painful once I ask a small thing maybe that was easy for someone but i didn’t understand some steps and i tried to ask a guy who knew that but he made fun of mine and it sounds simple but at that time what he said had left a huge seal in my brain . I could not hold it I just could not repeat it again . Rejection is not problem but being insulted is biggest fear from my opinion.

    1. I agree with you brother. Asking depends on the situation and the relation you are in. As you said, a guy making fun of you doesn’t mean you have to ask for more insult from him. You simply need to move on and maybe find another friend who truly value you as a person who you are.

  5. Kanchan Sharma

    Yes, I have also faced many such situations in life, nothing matters. In such situations, no one is yours, neither money nor someone to call yours.

  6. Now, I am working as media marketing manger. I faced many times about rejection from differenrt clinet. I never leave to work in my profession so that I am happy now and I am starting to learn in digital markting.

    1. I understand how many rejection a person has to face in your field, Dinesh. But despite of all those rejections, you have to ask more to get more. The more you ask, the more you get.

  7. I am a bachelor law student and I’m a very stubborn girl though I get average marks in my exam I like to ask a multiple questions with my teachers… my presentation skills are good but even though it is not excellent ..asked my teacher after giving my presentation is it good or bad find out and improve and it .. in every classes I used to ask multiple questions ..I get average mark it doesn’t matter to me because expecting myself as a average is the failure for me.. all I want is knowledge and asking questions multiple times make me secure from little knowledge .. as little knowledge is dangerous to course I have got a lot of set backs and rejection as yesterday there was you digital marketing course and I had no money for it to join your course but then I found the digital marketing free courses in youtube for free …I am doing it as I tried a little, as I search a little, as I ask a little, #do some extra makes you extra ordinary

    1. From childhood, we have been taught to not ask more. Because if you ask more, you’ll end up being a silly person. The truth is, you become silly when you don’t ask and pretend you know everything. That’s when most people fail.

      I’m glad to know that you are asking more no matter what others say.

  8. I once got rejected by my crush. From then on I have faced & had many eye-contacts with girls but due to that rejection, I felt like I was not that handsome. And someday ago, someone really asked me out ( same I also didn’t believed at first) and asked her why do you like me she said ” I like the way you are ” and accepted her. Then I remembered someone saying ,” some people have a bad taste “.

    So don’t judge yourself by one failure your time will surely come be ready to cease the moment.

  9. Bhabana Chalise

    Yes, there are many situations in life where we face rejection and lose our self-confidence, making it difficult to come out of those situations. But we must indeed have the courage to fight against those challenges.

    1. Yes, it’s common to lose your self confidence when you get rejected many times. But the courage to get over those rejections only can help you achieve what you want.

  10. Yes, I got rejected many time from Australia and Canada. After I got rejected I don’t have family support and friends also don’t believe me now I feel like alone and I feel I can’t get my destination. I am so tired now and face many challenges in my life

    1. I have also faced similar rejection as yours Jeevan. The only one person who will always be with you is YOU. Don’t loose hope and trust me if you are getting many rejection than it means you are on the right path.

      Soon those rejections will lead you to good things that you want to achieve in life.

  11. Fear of regret is more worse than fear of rejection, right?! This article indeed instill a new mindset on me, really appreciate.

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