Sell Solution Not Product

Do you struggle to sell your product or service?

or, does your prospect simply ignores you once you pitch your product to them?

If yes, then this article is for you.

We are surrounded by products & services everywhere. If we observe successful businesses, we can see their product solves a problem that people are facing in their day-to-day life.

Foodmandu solves the dine-out problem.

Pathao solves the transportation problem.

Esewa solves the payment problem.

They are successful because they have a product that solves a problem. If there were no problems, then there won’t be any product in the market.

Even we only buy those products that solve our problem & help us reach our desired state.

Suppose, transportation was the major issue back then. Public transportation used to be super packed & taxis used to charge a lot.

If you don’t have your own vehicle, then it would be hard for you to travel.

Focusing on this problem, Pathao came up with a solution to provide us with a transportation service that is easy, reliable & affordable to use.

As a result, we all use Pathao most of the time.

Patho focused on creating a product that gives the best satisfying result for its customers.

Now, let’s get back to the question that I asked earlier.

Why do you struggle to sell your product or service?

Most businesses struggle to sell their product, not because of the lack of marketing. But, because of the lack of demand for the product or the low-quality product.

Businesses don’t do enough research on the market. Like what are the problems, what people want, what would make them reach their desired state, what did not work to solve their problem, and so on.

What they do is, they just create a product assuming this is something that will definitely work in the market & people will jump straight away to buy them.

Then, they hire some marketers to help sell their products.

Eventually, no one buys that product because there might be no demand or the quality is so low that even if there is a demand no one wants to buy from them.

This is the main reason why people struggle to sell their products.

Not because of the marketing, but because of the product that doesn’t solve any problem.

I am saying this because I have dealt with businesses that are so money oriented that they created a product without any proper market or audience research that no one wants. And, expects us to do the marketing & sell their product.

You have to understand




Everyone focuses on doing great marketing but your product needs to be great that solves a problem in the market to expect sales.

By now, you probably have heard about my Digital Marketing Masterclass program. I created this program in such a way that I solve the problem that people are facing & I am constantly working to get them to their desired state.

The fixed slot for my masterclass is just 50 students per batch and every time I had to close the batch with 60 to 65 students because most of them want to join the running batch.

This happened because I have researched the problem in my niche, what can help them solve the problem, what can help them reach their desired state, and so on.

For my digital marketing agency as well, I am creating a new product where I help businesses generate more revenue with my product.

I have been working on this product for almost 6 months and I believe that giving more time to create a product will definitely help me generate more revenue & solve more problems in future.

So, if you are also struggling to sell your product or service, then take a few steps back & work on creating a more problem-solving product.

It’s not the marketing that is affecting your sales. It’s the product that doesn’t solve any problem or might be a low-quality product.

Focus on building a quality product that works like a fine wine that gets stronger in the long run.

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If you find this article valuable, then leave a comment with your thoughts. Also, you can ask any queries you have. I will reply to all your queries.


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8 thoughts on “Sell Solution Not Product”

  1. Well this article proves, being a marketing expert doesn’t mean you can sell anything. The products needs to be vice versa as well !

  2. Thank you sir, I find this article very helpful and valuable.
    Best Line:

  3. What is that one things we make mistake in fashion accessories online business?
    As you said , see the problem , try to solve the problem, well your contents has helped me a lot but still I am confused on many factors.
    Well I have been running a online fashion accessories business, but on this process I don’t find myself taking a correct steps forward for my business.
    Rather than a solution I am asking you about the ways of how this fashion online business can adopt themselves with this external environment.
    Thank you for all your contents.
    Have got to learn many things out of this.

    1. Every niche has a problem faced by the people and that problem needs to be addressed first before creating & selling the product. I see every online business is selling their products only but is it really a huge problem that they are fixing?

      Find what other problems people are facing in your niche. Because identifying the problem takes a lot of time but trust me once you find what your audience need, you can create great product that fits in the market.

      Try to add some sort of additional things with your product. It may be an additional product that will suit with the product they are buying or it may be a service that they might need along with the product.

      I saw an online fashion store who were selling fashion accessories along with the beautiful lehengas & suits that people can rent out. Buying a dress every time for different occasion is a hectic problem that need to be solved which they identified.

      Similarly, identify what your audience needs. It should not be an assumption or a guess that you have made about them. It should be done with a survey or research. Call your existing customers, ask how was your product, ask what problems they are facing in your niche, ask what would be the best service or product that you would expect from us. All these asking will help you know more about them and their pain points.

      Once you are done with all these survey & research about your audience, trust me you will find the answer you were looking for.

  4. I have seen many times people struggle to write problem and solution statements. If that is the case we are not building a great problem that solves the real problem. In product management, while filling the content in the business model canvas if we give proper time and feel the problem and empathize with them to understand the business and their ROI we are close to creating a great product.

    I really liked your examples, the products that we are witnessing in our country like Pathao, Esewa and Foodmandu. Understanding the successful products and their impact helps to create another success story.

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