Why you need to learn Copywriting?

In this article, I want to talk about Copywriting and it is the most important skill you need to have in your digital marketing journey.

You may have heard about Copywriting before or maybe not.

But, trust me if you learn copywriting then you can sell anything to anyone.

Before learning copywriting, I would like to take you 200 – 300 years back to tell you how “Copy” and “Copywriting” came into existence.

Long back, there was no advertising or marketing done in mass (in large numbers).

People used to sell through 1 to 1 sales via door-to-door sales or in the market.

The first form of mass advertising or marketing came into action when Gutenberg invented Printing Press.

Source: https://www.britannica.com/

Businesses used to print their sales content through printing press on newspapers and magazines (before TV or Radio).

They used to replicate their sales message and share them with thousands of people at once.

The printing press helped them create copies of their content and that’s why it came to be called as “Copywriting” and the content or message “Copies”.

In simple words, Copywriting is any form of a message written for sales or marketing purposes.

And those who write sales or marketing copies are called “Copywriters”.

You are reading this article and it is a marketing message so I can also be called as a Copywriter.

Actually, Copywriting is an art that anyone can master.

You might be thinking that for writing copies like this you need to have great professional English skills.

No, you don’t.

You just need to communicate with your target reader and help them understand what you are trying to say.

That’s the English you need.

Even I don’t have professional or great English but I can communicate with you all and that’s what I need.

Here, I am writing an email copy and you are my target reader.

Do you feel like I am talking to you directly?

Like I am right next to you and talking about copywriting.

Source:// https://freepik.com

If yes, then this is the skill that I am learning for the past few years and I want you to learn and master this skill as well.

Every business has a product or service to offer and they want someone who can explain their product or service to their audience in a much simpler way.

Effective copywriting is all about communicating with the audience.

We communicate with our friends and family in a very simple way that they can understand.

Just like that our marketing or sales copy should be in such a way that everyone can understand it properly.

Most of the time people mistake writing copies and try to show off their sophisticated English that most people don’t understand.

You may have watched a sales video or read a blog where people use vocabulary or sentences that is hard to understand and felt like not consuming the content to the end.

That’s why you need to learn copywriting.

Because copywriting engages people. It makes people read your content like you are reading mine.

It is just like a speaking skill that makes people even in a huge crowd listen to you.

Now, the question is

Why copywriting is important in digital marketing?

Let me tell you why.

Most people think Digital Marketing is all about generating traffic.

Generating traffic to your blog, landing page, website, mobile app, or Facebook / Instagram Page.

But No Digital Marketing is about converting those traffic into sales.

When traffic goes to your landing page or sales video, then there is a sales ad copy that explains your product or service, its benefits, and so on.

Basically, it will solve all the queries of your prospect and help them understand everything before they make a purchase.

People who are serious buyers will read or watch your sales copy to the end no matter how long it is.

If you are reading up to this line then you probably want to learn copywriting.

But, some people will never see this line even if they open this article.

Those are the people who are not interested in learning copywriting.

If you are doing a door to door sales, then the prospect will ask you a lot of queries until they are satisfied to make a purchase.

Just like that with copywriting you can explain everything about your product or service and clear all the objections that your prospect has.

Even if you are great in SEO, email marketing, paid ads, and lead generation but if you are not good at copywriting then your prospect can never turn into paying customer.

That is why Copywriting is the ultimate skill that you need while learning digital marketing.

Copywriting will help you in every part of your marketing activity.

If you are creating a landing page, then you need a sales ad copy.

If you are creating a sales ad video, then you need a copy.

If you are doing SEO, then you need an SEO-optimized copy.

If you are doing lead generation or email marketing, then you need a marketing copy.

For every activity, you need a copy.

Right now, in Nepal, even businesses don’t realize that they need a copywriter but trust me this is going to BOOM soon.

It is already the most demanded skill in the international market and if you master this skill now then you can serve international companies as well.

You can learn and master this skill by learning from books, watching YouTube videos, writing blog copies on your blog, or even writing copies for businesses for free to learn.

Eventually, it will become the ultimate DM Skill that you need right now.

I am pretty sure you agree 100% with me.

Because if you are reading this email till now then this is my copywriting skill that got your attention up to here.

And trust me, attention is something everyone needs and if you can get the attention of people like this then you can do wonders in future.

What do you think?

Comment if you think you learned something new about copywriting.

I am curious to know if I got you reading up to this point…

And I wouldn’t know about it unless you comment.

So take a moment and comment below the article.

Have a great time learning.


Saugat Basnet

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60 thoughts on “Why you need to learn Copywriting?”

      1. Hello sir.
        I am read all things you have right in your blogs .
        I am grateful to learn from you about digital marketing. And different topics. Thank you sir . For sharing knowledge to everyone one .
        At last. You all should be like you sir ???? thank you so much

      1. Thank you sir for giving such a motivate for us . I’m not able to speak english and also i haven’t a laptop but atleast i learned something new and i feel motivate for reading such a good content . Thanks for inspiring me and kepp inspiring ✨✨!!

    1. Absolutely amazing content about copywriting. Loved every sentences presented here in a simple and attentive manner. You got a genuine follower Mr.Saugat

  1. Thank you for sending me mail.My board examination is going to start after 4 days . So , I won’t be able to look after your contents.But yeah I have read your contents and will continue digital marketing stuffs after my examination will be over .

  2. The way you explain about every different topic is in simple language and interesting as well. Thank you for helping us by introducing new topic each time. Keep it up & God bless you

  3. You were able to make me curious to learn more about copywriting and yes, the article was really interesting, really simple to understand. Thank you. Looking forward to learn more and get more information’s as above article has basic information’s with in-depth examples.

    1. Rather than saying our product is no 1, we can add testimonials in our copy. People trust other people who have used our product. So, if you can gather some positive testimonials then that will be more valuable in your copy.

    2. Not exactly , but you can write something like ”We do our best to make our product No .1 and what encourage us more is that people loves our product and consider it as No .1”
      Right Saugat sir?

  4. yah, English is not all about adding vast words to showoff, its all about how we express it so that other can understand it in a simple way. And, I easily read each and every line without problem, so thankyou.

  5. Hello Saugat ji, till date i had a wrong perception and idea about copy writing until i read this blog thankyou so much again, you have made it easy to understand things for me.

  6. Greetings,
    BTW, I’m amazed to know how copywriting came into existence. The founder of the printing press, ‘Gutenberg ‘ is actually phenomenal in the first place. No doubt, the term “copywriting” is interesting as well as informative indeed.
    For instance, any sort of message written to make sales or marketing is known as Copywriting. Meanwhile, it plays a significant role in the digital age too as u elaborate.
    Hence, I’m desperate to learn copywriting in order to manipulate audiences to buy the product & services with ease in this digital era of modernization.
    Cheer 🙂
    Dear Saugat Sir!

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