Write like you talk to a friend

While writing copies, people often make mistakes trying to be too formal & professional. They even try to add words and make sentences that are hard to understand by the reader.

Maybe we were taught to write professionally in school & college, but copywriting doesn’t work like that. The reader doesn’t want to read your sentence twice to understand or even go to google to search what that exact word meant.

Writing professionally might work while writing a school essay or a legal document. But, if we talk about copywriting then people want to read things that are easy to understand.

That’s why I believe we should write like we talk to our best friends.

Why should we write like we talk?

Few years back, when I used to write articles & copies it used to be too formal because I thought using professional English is the key to get the attention of my reader.

But slowly I realized that I was trying to be a different person while writing. And sometimes, my writing used to sound too robotic like it was not written by a real person.

It was too boring and even I was not interested to read my articles again.

Just imagine, I run a digital marketing agency & I came up to you and start saying,

“Hello sir. We are a digital marketing agency and we provide services like website design, email marketing, copywriting, and social media marketing. We are a team of professionals and have been doing this for almost 6 years. Our mission is to help businesses expand their sales drastically with our service. We are keen to work under any pressure and deliver your project on time. Please let me know if you are interested in our service.”

Damn, it felt so boring even while writing. Nobody gives their attention to these types of copies and I feel sad for those people who had to read my boring copies.

When I write like I talk, it feels more natural and I can connect with more people with my writings.

Obviously, it should be professional as well but moreover entertaining and fun to read.

While writing this article, I am imagining my friend sitting right next to me and talking with him about copywriting. In this way I can express my thoughts more clearly and I am pretty sure that everyone can understand my writings easily and know what I am trying to say.

When I say you have to write like you talk, I’m not saying your copies needs to be like the next great American novel. But it should definitely show your unique perspective and you should be able to connect with your reader.

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This isn’t an opportunity to use slang words, make a lot of grammatical errors or write just like you text your friend.

Instead, the goal is to write in a more conversational way to make readers understand what you are trying to say from your copy.

But, it’s still essential to remain professional while writing since it is the reflection of your expertise and authority.

Share your thoughts in the comment section and let me know if you think you should write like you talk.


Saugat Basnet

22 thoughts on “Write like you talk to a friend”

  1. Before some years when I had an interest in content writing, I was told by some I wrote well but it was very simple and also I missed some of the sophisticated words. I did think they were born and brought up from times of Shakespeare that made them rich with words, I felt low and chose a different profession.
    Now, when we can find a mentor like you, it makes us believe ‘Simple is powerful’ and you have definitely proven with your work.
    Big lesson also for those who are native but still think they have modernised the way we think and express.

    1. People focus on using sophisticated words and new techniques but it is actually the old technique that has been working from the very beginning and it works in 2022 as well.

      We write to make our readers understand our copy not to show off our English. Your copies are also very simple yet easy to understand. Keep writing like that.

  2. Well! i used to say i teach children in very simple mehod. I prefere to make a clear concept. It is more imoprtant than playing with language. I really love to learn copy right.
    I am learning all the pattern from your blogs like; Creating gaps aming the sentences. Using simple and clear language, exploring the main points with examples stories . all those has really made me go long throgh the text. Thank you Saugat sir for your all Sharing.
    thank you

  3. Rukesh PRAJAPATI

    Thanks a lot for your kind guidance and support to all those who are interested to learn more about digital marketing. I like the way you explain the words which is very simple and easy to understand.

  4. Greetings,
    Dear Saugat sir,
    I guess, copywriting is the essence of personal branding since it emphasizes the overall perspective of the writer on a particular subject to the audience. At the same time, it probably doesn’t mean that using sophisticated words can always be fruitful since the audiences are worldwide. Hence, the practice of copywriting skills must be simple & precise at the same time so that everyone can understand it utterly. Similarly, the spacing of sentences and the paragraph must be considered before publishing it.
    At a glance, I’m trying my best to write in simple language as much as possible without losing consent to the English vocabulary.
    A part, I’m blessed & fortunate to meet such a passionate & experienced mentor in my life. No doubt, you are AWESOME.
    BTW, I’m one of the 4th batch students of the DMMP.
    Lots of love & best wishes…
    Dear Saugat Sir!
    Cheers 🙂

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